Query-driven soft links and Developing Queries using EMF-IncQuery presented at MODELS 2012 and AMT 2012

EMF model fragments can now be connected using soft links defined by advanced model queries in EMF-IncQuery to achieve high performance (through incremental evaluation) and standard EMF integration (proper change notifications). We presented this new use case at the MODELS 2012 conference, held this year in Innsbruck.

We also presented the interactive query development features of EMF-IncQuery at the AMT 2012 workshop.

VIATRA2 Release 3.1 video

Check out the VIATRA2 Release 3.1 video on Vimeo.com! The text is in Hungarian, but the screen captures towards the end highlight the most important features.

VIATRA2 Release 3.1 complete

VIATRA2 Release 3.1 is finally complete. More information available at the release notes wiki page.

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