October 2012

Presentation at EclipseCon Europe 2012

EMF-IncQuery has been featured in a presentation at EclipseCon Europe 2012: Fast, Faster and Super-fast Model Queries by Ed Willink and István Ráth.

Just in time for the conference, EMF-IncQuery version 0.6.7 has been released to the Marketplace.


Presentations at the MODELS 2012 conference

Representing our research group, Dániel Varró and Ábel Hegedüs presented at the MODELS 2012 (International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages & Systems) conference and the AMT 2012 (Workshop on Analysis of Model Transformations) workshop, held in Innsbruck.

EMF-IncQuery 0.6.5 Released

Just in time for our presentation at the MODELS 2012 Conference in Innsbruck, we have reached a major milestone: the brand new version 0.6.5 of EMF-IncQuery has been released. You can get it from the getting started page.

Together with this milestone, we are also pleased to inform everyone that the Creation Review for the Eclipse.org EMF-IncQuery subproject has been scheduled for October 10th, and EMF-IncQuery is also available from the Eclipse Marketplace!

Query-driven soft links and Developing Queries using EMF-IncQuery presented at MODELS 2012 and AMT 2012

EMF model fragments can now be connected using soft links defined by advanced model queries in EMF-IncQuery to achieve high performance (through incremental evaluation) and standard EMF integration (proper change notifications). We presented this new use case at the MODELS 2012 conference, held this year in Innsbruck.

We also presented the interactive query development features of EMF-IncQuery at the AMT 2012 workshop.

Presentations on ICGT 2012

This year the Sixth International Conference on Graph Transformation - Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Structures (ICGT 2012), which is the biannual gathering of mathematicians and engineers forming the graph transformation research community, was hosted along with its satellite events between 24 and 29 September in Bremen, Germany.