EMF-IncQuery 0.7M2 published

We have reached our second milestone, with a special focus on stability and bug fixes. We recommend to update your EMF-IncQuery installation from the Marketplace, or using the update sites.

EMF-IncQuery 0.7M1 published

Today the EMF-IncQuery project finished its first milestone towards its first release at Eclipse.org. Version 0.7.0-M1 features the same performant model query engine and development tooling as our previous 0.6.x series, but also adds some new features:

The Eclipse.org project proposal for EMF-IncQuery has been posted

The project proposal for EMF-IncQuery has been officially posted on Eclipse.org. We would like to thank our mentors, Ed Merks and Cédric Brun, and all our interested parties for their help and support.

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