EMF-IncQuery 0.7M1 published

Today the EMF-IncQuery project finished its first milestone towards its first release at Eclipse.org. Version 0.7.0-M1 features the same performant model query engine and development tooling as our previous 0.6.x series, but also adds some new features:

  • A generic event-driven rule engine was introduced. This engine is already used in the integration components data binding and live model validation already shipped with EMF-IncQuery, but it can directly be integrated into applications.
  • Work has already began on two additional major features:
    • A new integration component called EMF-IncQuery Viewers, that supports binding query results to user interface components such as JFace Viewers or Zest graphs.
    • A first step to support Query Libraries, queries reusable between projects, was the introduction of java imports. However, there are some issues to be ironed out before the final 0.7.0 release.
  • And a lot of bug fixes, including support for EMF subpackages or better detection of GMF and Graphiti-based editors, and more...

However, as EMF-IncQuery relies on generating integration code for various applications, migrating from previous (0.6.x) versions of EMF-IncQuery, some manual adjustments are needed. For details, see the wiki page EMFIncQuery/Releases/MigrateTo0.7. Although, we recommend all users of the 0.6 series to upgrade to 0.7M1, as all development happens in the new version.

The new milestone is available from http://eclipse.org/incquery/download.php, and it can also be installed through the Eclipse Marketplace.

We hope to introduce some further useful features until the planned 0.7.0 release in the end of June (after Kepler), but we need your feedback - check out our development plan on the Eclipse Project portal. Please feel free to try out our first milestone, ask questions in the Forum or report issues through the Bugzilla.