EMF-IncQuery: Query Explorer support for EMF Facet Model Browser

The EMF Facet project provides a convenient editor for EMF models called the EMF Facet Model Browser which is a great replacement for the Sample Reflective Ecore Model Editor.

To use it, install the EMF Facet SDK as described here, and open your model with the EMF Facet Model Browser. It provides grouping model elements by type, grouping attribute and reference values by relation, text search and so on. The only downside is that it only works for models which have their metamodel registered, therefore if you are developing a metamodel, you have to launch a runtime Eclipse instance to be able to edit instance models of your metamodel with the Model Browser.

Starting from EMF-IncQuery 1.0M3, you can also load models from this advanced editor to EMF-IncQuery's Query Explorer view for your convenience! The Show location context menu command also works, but only partially: because the EMF Facet Model Browser can only select one element, it selects only the first element of the match.