Release 0.7.0 available

The EMF-IncQuery project is happy to report that our first release with the version 0.7.0 is available now from the download servers or the Eclipse Marketplace.

The most important highlights of this first release include:

  • a high performance incremental graph search engine supporting the combination of graph patterns and side effect free Xbase expressions;
  • a user-friendly Java API (improved using end-user feedback);
  • full compatibility with Xtext 2.4 (available in Kepler);
  • complete migration to the infrastructure.

    An important note to our existing users: for a smooth upgrade, please make sure to read the migration guide on the Eclipse wiki.


In addition to the core features, there are two major novel components added to this release:

  1. Event-driven virtual machine (EVM): a high-level rule-based system with a Java API to support high performance live and incremental model transformations;
  2. IncQuery Viewers: a framework to create query-driven live user interfaces by supporting JFace and Zest Graph Viewers. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on these topics.

For a complete list of fixed issues see Bugzilla. We encourage everyone to ask questions in the Eclipse Forums (none will be left unanwered) and make sure to follow our blog at!