Presentation of EMF-IncQuery at EclipseCon Europe 2012

Representing our research group, Dr. István Ráth has presented the new version of our open source incremental model query framework called EMF-IncQuery at EclipseCon Europe 2012, intended for industrial applications. As an acknowledgement of our work, Ed Merks (the creator of the de-facto industry standard Eclipse Modeling Framework) has lauded EMF-IncQuery as one of the most significant innovations of recent times.

On the conference, EMF-IncQuery has been featured in two talks:

  • Entitled "Fast, Faster and Super-fast Model Queries", our talk with Ed Willink, the developer of Eclipse OCL highlighted the state-of-the-art scalability and performance of the EMF-IncQuery framework in complex model-driven applications using very large instance models of several millions of elements in size,
  • the demo "Get Your Eclipse Moving" presented by our friends at EclipseSource (Dr. Jonas Helming and Eugen Neufeld) featured a novel tech demonstrator combining EMF-IncQuery with the Esper Complex Event Processor to provide realtime complex gesture recognition over live EMF models.